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Ever wonder where your crown comes from?

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We are proud to provide in-office same day crowns using the very unique and very capable E4D system.  Patients can come in and have their crown preparation completed, impressions taken using either impression material or laser scanning.  Cad Cam design then utilizes the patients impression and designs an ideal crown based on many important parameters. [...]

Braces and Pretty?

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One of the biggest drawbacks of orthodontics in this very esthetically driven world is how unnattractive the bracketing mechanisms can be. Dentistry and science have come together to address these concerns resulting in some very esthetic options for patients. The first option: INVISILIGN With the Invisilign System patients can enjoy clear retainers to provide the [...]

Halloween is Awesome!

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Avast Maties! Another Halloween be upon us. Lest you be afeared for your very soul come down to Rayburn Dental to see our Halloween wares. Cap'n Rayburn and her scurvy crew will be dressed in full pirate regalia this fine Halloween day. There will be sweeties for the kiddies, as well as those that has [...]