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Jeweled Teeth

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The Mayans were an advanced civilization who regrettably are now most known for their supposed “prediction” of the end of the world. About 2,500 years ago, the Maya already had a very advanced understanding of teeth. While many people today try to whiten their teeth, for the Mayans that was not nearly enough. They would [...]

Medical Insurance and Dental Insurance are two different monsters

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Dental insurance and medical insurance are two totally different animals. Medical insurance is about investing a small amount to hedge the risk of a potentially catastrophic medical emergency. By contrast, dental insurance is about investing a small amount to gain what an insurance company has deemed "the average allotted dental care" for an individual for [...]

Ever wonder why people never smiled in their old photos?

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Can you imagine holding your smile perfectly still for 15 minutes until the camera clicked? That’s how long it took for a photograph to expose in 1839. Later, exposure times were significantly cut back, but it still took at least 20 seconds. To make sure pictures weren’t ruined, photographers asked their subjects to stay completely [...]