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If You Snore and/or Have Sleep Apnea, Your Dentist May Be Able To Help

By |2016-10-14T09:45:42+00:00February 15th, 2016|Dental Technology, General oral health|

You may think it unusual to go to a dentist for sleep apnea and snoring. But it’s not such an out-of-the-box notion. In fact, dentists help thousands of people annually resolve both issues which are becoming more and more prevalent. Statistics out of the US quote approximately 12 million people as having some degree of [...]

Why Now Is The Best Time To Straighten Your Teeth – No Matter What Your Age

By |2016-10-14T09:45:43+00:00July 15th, 2015|Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Technology|

Improve Your Smile & Enhance Oral Health In More Comfort Than Ever Before. Most of us grew up in a day when ugly, embarrassing, steel braces were used to straighten teeth. Our parents understood the importance of straight teeth for their kids, so getting braces became one of those things they provided if they could [...]

Snoring or sleep apnea? Don’t forget to tell your dentist.

By |2016-10-14T09:45:43+00:00June 15th, 2015|Dental Technology|

If you or someone in your family snores or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a solution may be as simple as a visit to the dentist. Mild to moderate sleep apnea goes undiagnosed for many sufferers. Snoring is a sleep apnea symptom, and whether or not your physician has made a diagnoses, you may [...]