Dental Cleaning and Therapy

At Rayburn Dental Studio our registered dental hygienists provide dental hygiene cleanings/therapy to ensure your teeth, gums and bone remain healthy for a lifetime.

According to the health of your mouth you may visit our office for various types of dental hygiene appointments.

Preventative Dental Hygiene Appointment

This type of dental hygiene appointment is for those whose mouth is healthy and just need to have plaque and tartar removal to ensure it remains healthy. These types of appointments of are typically they are 1 hour long.

Periodontal Therapy Appointment

This type of dental hygiene appointment is for those who have oral disease present such as gingivitis or periodontitis. The goal of these types of appointments are to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria below the gumline to assist with healing and/or halt the disease process. These appointments are typically 1 hour in length but depending on the oral disease present there may be multiple appointments involved.

As each person is an individual, so are the dental hygiene needs. Our dental hygienists at Rayburn Dental Studio will custom design a dental hygiene program that is specific for your oral healthcare needs.

Achieving the health of your gums/bone/teeth is our main priority!

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