Teeth Whitening

At Rayburn Dental Studio we provide the most economical and effective type of teeth whitening/ bleaching.

At Home Whitening – Just $50!

This type of dental whitening is an at-home teeth whitening called Take Home Trays.

With this type of teeth whitening you will receive trays preloaded with whitening gel. You will wear these clear trays with the whitening gel in them to contact the teeth. The type and strength of gel we use is a higher percentage hydrogen peroxide than typical take home kits to speed up the process.

You will have a 2 choices when it comes to when you wear your trays. You will either wear them at night when you sleep or for a shorter time (20-30 min) during the day. These take home trays should be worn for approximately 1-2 weeks to allow your teeth to reach their maximum white shade.

Typically after the first 1-2 week whitening session, you will only need touch up for a day or two a few times a year.

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