Improve Your Smile & Enhance Oral Health In More Comfort Than Ever Before.

Most of us grew up in a day when ugly, embarrassing, steel braces were used to straighten teeth. Our parents understood the importance of straight teeth for their kids, so getting braces became one of those things they provided if they could afford it. Orthodontics helps correct bite alignment, space teeth properly, and helps make a beautiful smile.

Vanity aside, the point we want to stress is that straight teeth are extremely important to overall oral health.  Crooked teeth, widely spaced teeth, tightly spaced teeth, over bites, under bites, these are all clear signs of future problems that usually lead to periodontal disease and eventually tooth loss.

For this reason, Invisalign is one of the most exciting products the dental industry has seen in decades. These virtually invisible “braces” can be removed when eating, flossing and brushing. Custom molds are made for each individual’s teeth. The Invisalign system is virtually invisible and goes unnoticed.  The process is typically around 14-18 months.

See Your Teeth Straight Before Treatment Even Begins

With the use of the advanced iTero 3-D digital imaging scanner, you are able to see the end results Invisalign will offer before your treatment even begins. It will allow you to see the entire treatment plan from the start to finish. The initial position of your teeth is depicted clearly and the progression of the series of the custom-made aligners, each of which is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series. With the iTero digital scanner, your treatment plan is arrived at more quickly than previous methods and more precisely.

If you’ve ever had the desire to straighten your teeth, there’s never been a better time.  And without question, there has never been a more comfortable method for achieving a beautiful smile and better conditions for improved oral health.

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